Queens & Guards – Complete Game


Queens & Guards stimulates an approach-avoidance or agonistic behavior as each player attempts to regulate the spatial distribution of the opposing player’s pieces while simultaneously seeking to control the center of the gameboard.


This spatial reasoning game combines the simplicity of rules found in Checkers with the complexity of strategy experienced in Chess. A gameboard of tessellated hexagons that form concentric bands and pawns (queens) and chips (guards) are used to simulate the agonistic pattern of bees in a beehive. By learning how to construct a variety of triangular and other structural arrangements on the gameboard, students develop spatial thinking as well as many other logical reasoning skills, including deductive and inductive thought. UNDERLYING MATHEMATICS/SCIENCE: logical/scientific reasoning involving observation skills, hypothesizing and experimentation, deductive and inductive reasoning; spatial/geometric reasoning involving geometric figures and regions, directionality, topology, structural analysis of space, symmetry and reflection; and active problem solving

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