Getting Started – Overview

How Does Our Group Get Started?

There are many time-tested methods for organizing and implementing the Math Pentathlon® Program. This section offers teachers and parents several ways to structure the Program. In addition, teaching recommendations, sample communications of how other coaches have organized the Math Pentathlon® Program, and funding sources are suggested.

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To better serve your school/club we highly recommend that you designate an official Math Pentathlon® contact person. Please have this person complete and return ASAP the School Contact Designee (SCD) Form below. The SCD will receive all communication from the Pentathlon Institute to share with others at your school. The SCD must be approved by the school principal unless this is a club that does not practice at a school.

School Contact Designee Form

Indiana, Michigan, Ohio Online Form 

Texas Online SCD Form  

All other States Online SCD Form

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We also suggest that you share information about the Math Pentathlon® Program with your school’s principal, teachers, and parents by downloading the Teacher and Parent flyers below.

Teacher Handout

Parent Handout – Folleto Para Padres