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The Guide for Teaching and Sequencing the Mathematics Pentathlon Program Division III-2Frequently when parents try to help their children with math homework they deal with drill-type worksheets and flashcards that both grow weary of. Parents can experience an exciting and enjoyable alternative to such rote practices by playing the Mathematics Pentathlon® Games at home with their children. Many times this is done to support a Mathematics Pentathlon® Club that is already established at their school. In addition to having fun doing math with their child, it provides that extra time at home to explore game strategies as well as to improve computational and geometric skills. Parents can also participate in the Mathematics Pentathlon® Program and National Mathematics Pentathlon® Academic Tournaments even though the school does not have either a Math Pentathlon Club or if the child’s classroom teacher is not involved with the Program.

The Games & Rule Manual Div II

For Home Schoolers, the Mathematics Pentathlon® Program offers a challenging format for developing active problem-solving skills and practicing important basic skills while strengthening communication skills. Linking the games with related curricular materials provides a child the opportunity to orally describe, organize, analyze and record ideas while developing a greater understanding of important mathematics concepts