Club Considerations

Key Questions to Consider for Club Use

42 pg Stars 2Which Division Levels do you plan to teach?
Division I (Kinder and 1st Grade)
Division II (2nd and 3rd Grade)
Division III (4th and 5th Grade)
Division IV (6th and 7th Grade)

What number of students are you prepared to teach?
This directly relates to how many teachers and parents will be involved. Some clubs are run by teachers, some by parents, and some using a combination of both teachers and parents. Clubs usually have one-two instructors per Division.

Who will attend the training presented by the Pentathlon Institute?
The Pentathlon Institute provides training to optimize the instructional use of the program (prerequisites, curriculum, and assessment connections).  These trainings take place from August-October.  Two types of training are available: Evening Orientations and more in-depth Saturday Workshops.  See the Training Overview Section for more information.

Where are you going to meet?
* You will need to have flat-top tables or level desks on which to play the games.
* Make sure the location you select can easily support the size you are targeting.
* Make sure you get an okay on the location and don’t assume it will be available. Check and reserve as far in advance as possible.

When are you going to meet?
Most clubs meet after school. However, some choose before school, during the instructional day, and even on weekends.

How much time for each session?
To implement the program successfully a coach would follow the Guide for Teaching and Sequencing the Math Pentathlon Program that includes lessons out of Adventures in Problem Solving and Investigation Exercises.  These lessons are about 1 hour in length.

How much funding is needed for the first year?
To answer this question you will need to refer to the Essential Materials & Cost Section link
Note: Materials (Games and Professional Manuals) are non-consumable which means once you purchase an item, that item can be used for many years.

Should a club fee be charged?
Many clubs charge a fee which covers some or all of the following costs.
* Tournament Fee ~ The earlier students register, the more clubs save.
* Club Shirt ~ Unique T-Shirts help to show club spirit at tournament.
* Snacks ~ After being in school all day students could use a snack.
* Start-Up ~ Clubs may also want to include a materials fee when starting-up.

How will students sign-up to be in the club?

What will your club’s behavior policy be?