Funding Sources

35 pg StarsPossible Sources to Fund the Mathematics Pentathlon® Program

School Accounts
Instructional Budget, Activity Account, STEM related funding, Gifted and Talented allocations, Federal and State Funds given to the school (Title Funds, Accelerated Math Instruction, After-School Education Funds, Special Education, etc).

District Funding
Math Department, Gifted and Talented Department, Special Education Department, Community Education, After-School Funds, Extended Day Education, etc.

Parent Teacher Association
Parent Teacher Association or Parent Teacher Organization sponsorship

Club Fees
Some coaches charge a student fee for expenses such as the tournament fee, T-shirts, and snacks. Another option is to also include a materials fee for start-up clubs.

District Grant Money
Many schools have funded the Mathematics Pentathlon® Program by researching district grants that are available to the school. The best way to find out about these types of opportunities is to contact your school administrator and/or your district’s grant department.

Community Grant Money
The amount of financial support that has already been provided by businesses and foundations to help launch the Mathematics Pentathlon Program in schools is quite remarkable. Our suggestion is to develop your club goals, then contact the community resource/relations department of a business in your area. This way you will be ready to answer any questions from the grantor and then request a proposal to submit. Several businesses also offer matching grants. Ideas for resources include: Technology Companies, Banks & Credit Unions, Foundations, Architectural or Construction Companies, Law Firms, Businesses near the school, Companies for which parents in the school work, etc.

Grant Writing
Contact the Pentathlon Institute if you need help writing a grant to fund the Mathematics Pentathlon® Program: 317-356-6284 or Email