Other Questions

Where can I purchase Mathematics Pentathlon® Materials?
Mathematics Pentathlon® Materials can be purchased online, by completing an Order Form, or by contacting the National Office.

How can I pay for the materials?
The Pentathlon Institute accepts Purchase Orders, Checks, Credit Cards (VISA or MasterCard), and Money Orders.

Can I purchase individual pieces or gameboards?
Yes, for individual pieces call or email the National Office at 317-356-6284 or mathpentathorders@gmail.com. Gameboards can be purchased online.

Who should I contact if I have purchasing questions?
The National Pentathlon Institute Headquarters at 317-356-6284 or mathpentathorders@gmail.com

Is the Pentathlon Institute a Sole Source provider for the Mathematics Pentathlon® Materials?
Yes, the Pentathlon Institute, a Not-for-Profit Organization, is a Sole Source provider for the Mathematics Pentathlon® Materials. Download the Sole Source Letter.

W-9 Form with Sole Source Letter

Download the ORDER FORM