National Teams

Math Pentathlon National Teams – Schools with a broad base of student participation have the additional opportunity to compete against other such schools by sending what is referred to as a National Mathematics Pentathlon® Team. 

The following criteria MUST be met in order for a school/club to enter as an Official National Mathematics Pentathlon® Tournament Team:

  1. A National Team consists of 3 GIRLS & 3 BOYS from FIVE different GRADE LEVELS. If your school is K-5 you will need to choose which grade level to leave off the form.  Also, a school can pair up with another school.  For example, a K-3 school can pair up with a 4-6 school, OR a 3-5 school can pair up with a Middle School, and so on.
  2. Each of the 5-grade levels is allowed 1 extra boy and 1 extra girl as an Alternate Team Member. This alternate serves as a backup in case one of the Team Members is unable to attend the day of a tournament.  This permits a school to send up to 40 students as Team Members.
  4. The school/club forming a Team must meet the required Game Monitor Tournament Quota.

IMPORTANT:  DO NOT let your Pentathletes know who is representing your group on the National Team.  Only the person completing this Form and the Pentathlon Institute will know who was selected as Team Members.  This allows all students to be proud that they are part of the National Team.  After all, every student contributed during practice and helped those who will be representing your school/club.

 NOTE: The Pentathlon Institute does not publicize which students are team members.  ALL Pentathletes, whether members of a team or individual participants are recognized for their individual efforts at the Mathematics Pentathlon Awards Ceremony.  Each team participating in a National Tournament Center is awarded either a First, Second, or Third Place Team Trophy or a large Honorable Mention Ribbon.  A special National Team Trophy is awarded to the team scoring the highest points of all National Tournament Centers.  Team awards will be given to winning schools 2 weeks after all results have been tabulated nationwide.