National Teams

nmpatnationateamMath Pentathlon National Teams – Schools with a broad base of student participation have the additional opportunity to compete against other such schools by sending what is referred to as a National Mathematics Pentathlon® Team (NMPT). 

Such a NMPAT must meet the following 4 critical criteria and send the NMPAT Form (see NOTE Below).

    1) There must be a total of exactly 30 students;
    2) The 30 students must involve exactly 5 grade levels; and
    3) Each of the 5 grade levels must be equally represented with 3 girls and 3 boys;
      4) Each of the 5 grade levels is allowed 2 alternates (a boy and girl) in case one of the listed Pentathletes is unable to attend the day of tournament.

NOTE:  The NMPAT Form must be completed and emailed by April 1 indicating the intent and ability to send a MP National Team.  However, the individual team members do NOT need to be emailed until 1 week before each Division Tournament.  The NMPAT Form and members of the team MUST be emailed to the following individuals.

Michigan/Ohio National Center:  Mary Gilfeather:
Indiana/Ohio National Center:  Mary Gilfeather:
Texas National Center:  Rene LeBlanc:

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School Coaches that send a National Math Pentathlon Team can send other individual students beyond the 30 students that meet the 4 criteria described above. The Pentathlon Institute does not list which students comprise the National Team.  In addition, we encourage schools that send a NMPT to refer to their entire contingent as “The Team.” Furthermore, we suggest that Coaches do NOT inform students of who is on the team so that all students feel part of being on a National Math Pentathlon Team.

All Pentathletes, whether National Team members or not, are recognized for their individual efforts at the Mathematics Pentathlon Awards Ceremony. In addition, each National Team is awarded either a First, Second, or Third Place Team Trophy or a large Honorable Mention Ribbon.

National Team Criteria with Team FormDSC02748