A PentathleteTM Defined

The term Pentathlete refers to a student who is knowledgeable in playing all 5 games within a Division and strives to learn a variety of Math Pentathlon game strategies. Another key attribute of being a Pentathlete is the development of a positive mathematical disposition.  This spirit goes far beyond a positive attitude about mathematics. It involves how students approach problems. Characteristics of a positive mathematical disposition include persistence, flexibility in investigating different options, self-confidence, and inventiveness.  In addition, Pentathletes work cooperatively to help others improve their game strategies. In doing so, these learners begin to appreciate the many talents of others. One observable sign of a Pentathlete’s development of a positive mathematical disposition is the ability to wish an opponent good luck before a game and congratulate an opponent on a game well played after a game regardless of the outcome.

The Pentathlon Institute is dedicated to providing students with rich mathematical experiences based on current research and best educational practices. In this effort we wish to help people recognize the importance of higher-level mathematical thinking. These individuals may then promote Mathpeace, a term coined by the Pentathlon Institute. It is defined as the ability to: 1) accept the challenges of higher-level problems without fear; 2) have the confidence to try several different strategies to resolve problems; 3) feel comfortable in cooperating with others to resolve or formulate problems. The Mathematics Pentathlon® Program was designed to attain these goals.