Samples of MP Coaches Communication

Each Math Pentathlon School/Club is unique in how they reach out to support their community of learners.  The documents below are some “sample” documents that coaches across the country use to help inform parents and students as well as to organize their Math Pentathlon Program.  We hope that by sharing these samples you can chisel rather than reinvent how to get your Math Pentathlon Program started.

Included in this section are some important handouts you should include when introducing the Math Pentathlon Program to parents, teachers and/or administrators at your school.

Teacher Handout – This is a two page flyer about the Math Pentathlon Program that should be used when meeting with Faculty for the first time.

Parent Handout – This is a two page flyer about the Math Pentathlon Program that should be used when meeting with parents for the first time. Folleto Para Padres

Games Descriptions & Essential Resources Sheets – Within each Division there are 5 Problem-Solving Games and related Resources that deal with a broad spectrum of mathematical thought.  We encourage you to also share this information with your faculty and parents.

Feel free to use these documents shared by coaches and make any changes to meet your club’s needs.

  • School/Club Sample Letter A – A two page document informing the parents about the Math Pentathlon Program, dates, and meeting locations, with a second page to apply for the club with student and parent signatures required (.doc format).
  • School/Club Sample Letter B – A two page document explaining about the Math Pentathlon Program, dates, tournaments, student & parent expectations, and a club registration form (.doc format).
  • School/Club Sample Letter C – A one page document explaining about the Math Pentathlon Program, dates, need for parent volunteers & a brief student application at the bottom (.doc format).
  • School/Club Sample Letter D – A three page document including Parent Letter, Student Application and Contact Information (.doc format).

Many schools/clubs are now allowing parents to sign their child up for club via the internet.  Some of the most popular free forms thats schools/clubs have chosen: Google Forms & SignUpGenius,  

Items to include in your form are:

    • An introduction to your MP Program: Expectations, Dates, Times, Cost
    • Grade
    • Student’s First & Last Name
    • Current Teacher
    • Student Gender
    • Student Birth Date
    • Student Mode of Transportation After Club
    • Parent’s First & Last Name
    • Parent Email
    • Parent Home Address, City, State, Zip
    • Parent Day Phone & Evening Phone
    • Days Willing to Volunteer
    • Student Contract to be Signed
    • Parent Contract to be Signed
    • Parent Agrees to Attended ___ Number of Club Sessions
    • How do YOU Feel About Math? (an open ended question the student is to answer)
    • Prior Years of Tournament Experience
    • Parent Agrees be a Game Monitor at Tournament
    • Games Prepared to Game Monitor (Minimum of 3)
    • Game Monitor’s First & Last Name
    • Parent Agrees to Sign up Student for Tournament
    • Parent Agrees to Attend Game Monitor Training Session in Spring
    • Game Monitor’s Email
    • T-Shirt Size for Student
    • T-Shirt Size for Adult

Many schools/clubs are looking for ways to teach their students virtually.  Here are the Virtual Teaching Scripts – Vidoes – Labels.