School/Club Pays for Parents to Register Online by Code


      • Deadline to Request Code – January 19 – (can request as early as Sept 1)
      • Deadline to Verify Registrations with Pentathlon Institute – January 25
      • Deadline for Payment or PO – February 15

When a school either pays for registration, or a club collects fees to pay for registration, the school/club can request a code from the Pentathlon Institute so that parents can register only and bypass the payment section. A form must be completed and sent to the Pentathlon Institute before a code is issued.

Parents Register Online and Bypass Payment Using a Code

      • Schools/Clubs using this method must have a minimum of 15 registrants.
      • School Contact Designee (SCD) completes DEADLINE TO REQUEST PASSED – Registration by Code  Online Form and sends to the Pentathlon Institute.
      • Pentathlon Institute gives the SCD a Code to distribute to parents so that they can register online and bypass payment.
      • Parent will need to know the Coach’s Email, First and Last Name.
      • Parent will need to know the Game they will be monitoring at the tournament.
      • After registering, Parent will receive a Ticket to Tournament.
      • Parent emails a copy of the Ticket to the Coach and brings it to the Tournament.
      • Payment must be received by February 15 AND before Tournament sells out.
      • Coach assigns parents to be Game Monitors and sends Game Monitor List to the Pentathlon Institute.
      • School/Club is required to send in 1 Game Leader Application per 20 attending students.

NOTE: At LEAST 1 Monitor is required for every 2 Pentathletes. Do consider the option that some Math Pentathlon Schools adopt: They require a parent Game Monitor for each Pentathlete they send to the National Tournament. The Pentathlon Institute reserves the right to limit National Tournament participation from schools, clubs, and families based on their Volunteer Game Monitor quotas.