National Math Pentathlon® Academic Tournament Game Highlight Sheets


The Pentathlon Institute publishes the National Mathematics Pentathlon® Academic Tournament Game Highlight Sheets to provide a brief overview of tournament rules for each game by Division Level. They also contain the most recent rule updates to the Official Rule Manuals. These Essential Highlights include: Common Division Rules, Game Specific General Rules, and Rules for Challenging. In no way are these sheets to replace the Official Rule Manuals that present all rules for instructing PentathletesTM. Rather, these summary sheets condense the information into an easy-to-read format once you are familiar with the rules in the Official Manual. These important sheets should be used by coaches and parents to prepare PentathletesTM for a National Tournament. They are also used at tournaments by Game Monitors to make rulings when PentathletesTM present challenges.
NOTE: Updated rules from the prior year are printed in red.

Scoring Flag Cards ~ These are used for games where recording is required as part of a turn

Video Clarification for Tournament

Kwatro SinkoTM Challenge Clarification:

FAIR - Parent Volunteer

FIARTM Challenge Clarification:

Queens & GuardsTM Trap Rules Clarification: