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Virtual Teaching Videos ~ Scripts ~ Labels

All Virtual Teaching Videos, Scripts, and Labels, for those who know how to play the
Mathematics Pentathlon Games, can be found at the bottom of this page. 

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The Pentathlon Institute is now offering Virtual Workshops to Teach Mathematics Pentathlon Games.  When you view or participate in such training, you may expect it to look like online gaming.  Some of our first viewers expressed similar thoughts, since they hadn’t seen anything like it.  One of the first impressions that people express upon learning the Math Pentathlon Games is that there’s nothing like it.  That’s because there isn’t anything like the Math Pentathlon Program.   Being true to who we are, you can expect our Virtual Training to be different than other gaming experiences.  The reason for this is based on our two founding principles:  that learning should be both experience-based and conceptual in nature.  With the inception of the Math Pentathlon Games, John del Regato coined the term Active Problem Solving for the particular type of problem solving that Math Pentathlon requires.  Active Problem Solving is the ability to resolve strategic problems that are continually undergoing change.  And, the very nature of this type of problem solving involves active engagement and interaction as well as spoken communication about mathematical principles, strategies, and relationships.  The Math Pentathlon and Active Problem Solving Process blends both inductive and deductive reasoning which in turn develops persistence and flexibility in strategic thinking.   This interactive and experiential process also inspires a spirit of inventiveness that gives students self-confidence to explore real-life problem-solving situations and to “think on their feet.”

For Virtual Learning to take place Coaches will need a set of games to present and students will need a set at home to practice.  Learning MP without having access to games is like learning soccer without a soccer ball or chess without a chess set.

HOW TO CONNECT A WEBCAM, Phone, or Tablet to your computer
Make sure to watch the
or download the FILE to see HOW TO CONNECT A WEBCAM, Phone, or Tablet to your computer for teaching Mathematics Pentathlon games/activities on Zoom.

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MP Virtual Achievements

In 2021 the Pentathlon Institute was able to build a virtual format for students to continue to learn and explore the Math Pentathlon Program. At the end of the year we organized and ran National Mathematics Pentathlon Virtual Academic Tournaments. The Pentathlon Institute was also proud to award over 25 Pentathletes their 7 & 8 Year Participation Awards.