Sum Dominoes & Dice – Complete Game


Unlike any other type of domino game, Sum Dominoes & Dice includes three dice to provide practice with missing addend form of subtraction, sums and differences, spatial visualization, and deductive reasoning.


The missing addend model of subtraction, sums and differences through eighteen, spatial visualization, and deductive reasoning are concepts/skills that students experience while playing the game of Sum Dominoes & Dice. In this strategy-chance game students search for domino faces in their hands that when attached to faces of dominoes on the gameboard equal the sum that they roll for each turn. The ability to see many different combinations for each dice-roll sum enables students to get rid of all dominoes in their hand (the goal). UNDERLYING MATHEMATICS/SCIENCE computational reasoning involving missing addend form of subtraction, algebra, basic facts through 10, sums and differences 11-18, greater than-less than concepts of inequality, equality, probability; logical/scientific reasoning involving observation skills, hypothesizing and experimentation, deductive and inductive reasoning, combinatorics; spatial/geometric reasoning involving directionality, topology, networks, structural analysis of space; and active problem solving

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