Small Club PROFESSIONAL Package (Grades 2-3)


UP TO 12 PLAYERS – The Div II (Grades 2-3) Small Club Professional Package includes The Guide for Teaching Division II, Adventures in Problem Solving Activity Book I, the Investigation Exercises Book I, and a Small Club Game Set which includes Division Rule Manual, THREE (3) sets of each of the 5 games, and a game box (a total of 15 games)


The Professional Small Club Package for 2nd and 3rd Grade is the perfect set for a small class or use with a small club. The package includes the complete Small Club Game Set (6 -12 students), The Guide for Teaching the Division II Program, an Adventures In Problem Solving: Activity Book I, and the Investigation Exercises: Binder I. The Guide for Teaching Division II Math Pentathlon is a step-by-step Program Guide designed for Teachers and Coaches to prepare students to play the 5 Division II Math Pentathlon games as well as to become more skillful in participating in the related Academic Tournament. The Guide is organized into Monthly Lesson Plans with four Lessons per month for weekly implementation. The Adventures Book provides prerequisite activities that build a foundation for successful game play. The activities in the book also connection the math concepts used in the games to national/state standards and classroom curriculum. The Investigation Binder includes problem-solving scenarios that develop a more analytic focus and greater insight into the multiple strategies that each game provides. A variety of individual and group activities and assessments are also included in the binder.

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