Star Track – Complete Game


Star Track uses connected chain links to explore number sense, inequality, addition and decision making.


Number sense, inequality, addition, and decision making are experienced in this game which uses connected chain links. Students take turns selecting two chain links of various lengths from a bucket and deciding which is the better choice of the two chains. While the chain length determines how many spaces they will move on the Star Track gameboard, numeral and pentagram landings as well as bump rules help students consider that bigger is not always the better choice. UNDERLYING MATHEMATICS/SCIENCE computational reasoning involving one-to-one correspondence, counting, number sense, addition, equality, inequality; logical/scientific reasoning involving observation skills, combinatorics, hypothesizing and experimentation, deductive and inductive reasoning; spatial/geometric reasoning involving directionality; and active problem solving

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Dimensions 17.5 × 12 × 3 in
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