Shape-Up – Board ONLY


This is only the game board for Shape-Up and does not include any game pieces.


This game board of Shape-Up™ does not include the game pieces. The game of Shape Up integrates fact families with geometric shape recognition, attributes, spatial visualization, and directionality. The former two abilities relate to the goal of Shape Up. The Shape Up gameboard is comprised of a connected network of circles which each contain a large or small version of a geometric shape. There are eight different shapes which are rotated and shaded in different ways. To win the game, students are to position one of their chips on the small version and the other chip on the large version of the same shape. What enriches this task is that in order to win students are to focus on the attributes of shape and size and disregard the rotation and shading of the shape. Chip movement is based on the roll of a die. Students choose to move one or both of their chips up or down on either side of the gameboard. Strategic play is based on using fact families effectively to determine better options.

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