Juggle – Complete Game with Two Boards


Juggle is a spatial, logical, and computational strategy game that combines problem-solving skills with an element of chance.


In this game, players “juggle” polyominoes in order to be the first to complete their 9×9 grid-like gameboards. The roll of two dice determines which pieces are selected from five different types of polyominoes, including pentomioes and tetrominoes. In the process of playing the game students develop a deeper understanding of mathematical relationships involving area, perimeter, and transformational geometry (flips, turns, and slides). Spatial and logical reasoning skills are enhanced as students try to balance probability and chance, as well as numerical and structural relationships. UNDERLYING MATHEMATICS/SCIENCE: computational reasoning involving measurement of area and perimeter, probability, and estimation; logical/scientific reasoning involving observation skills, classification, hypothesizing and experimentation, deductive and inductive reasoning, and combinatorics; spatial/geometric reasoning involving transformational geometry (rotations, flips, and slides), geometric figures and regions, directionality, topology, structural analysis of space, symmetry/reflections, congruency; and active problem solving

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Dimensions 17.5 × 12 × 3 in
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