Paper By Parent or School/Club


When registering by paper format, there are two different scenarios. One, the student is part of a school/club and the coach is requesting that each family hand in a paper registration. Or two, a parent does not have access to the internet or wishes to pay by check. Both procedures for registering by paper are explained below.

2018 WAS THE LAST YEAR TO REGISTER THIS WAY Attending as School/Club:

      • Parent completes the Paper Registrations 2018.  Registracion en Papel
      • Parent returns the Registration Form to the school/club Coach.

School/Club Mails the Following to the Pentathlon Institute:

          • Cover Sheet Checklist
          • Collated Registration Forms from Parents
          • Accounting Form with Payment by Check
          • Game Monitor List assigned by Coach
          • Payment must be received by February 15 AND before Tournament sells out.
          • Parents DO NOT receive an Official Ticket to Tournament but rather are confirmed by the Pentathlon Institute.
          • School/Club is required to send 1 Game Leader Application per 20 attending students.

COMMENT: This is the most time consuming of all options for a School Coach.
NOTE: At LEAST 1 Monitor is required for every 2 Pentathletes. Do consider the option that some Math Pentathlon Schools adopt: They require a parent Game Monitor for each Pentathlete they send to the National Tournament. The Pentathlon Institute reserves the right to limit National Tournament participation from schools, clubs, and families based on their Volunteer Game Monitor quotas.

Attending as a Solo PentathleteTM

        • Parent completes the Paper Registration Form 2018.  Registracion en Papel
        • Parent mails in form with payment.
        • After the Pentathlon Institute processes the Paper Registration with payment, the parent will receive a Ticket to Tournament and brings it to Tournament.
        • The Pentathlon Institute assigns parent as a Game Monitor.