Alignment to State & National Standards and Beyond

This highly motivational program aligns with National and State Standards, strengthens basic concepts and skills, and also develops higher level problem-solving abilities.

Mathematics Pentathlon Alignment to Standards

45 pg FABThis program aligns with numerous indicators of the National Standards that deal with Number Sense, Computation, Algebra and Functions, Geometry, Measurement, and Problem Solving. For a specific example, see the Math Content & Standards Chart, Alignment with the National Standards, Example of Alignment with a State Academic Standards, and Gifted Education Correlation.

The linked use of the Mathematics Pentathlon® Games along with the standards-based instructional activities found in Adventures in Problem-Solving Activity Books I & II, Investigation Exercises Books I & II, and The Teaching Guides improves students’ abilities to: reason computationally, geometrically, and logically; communicate their ideas effectively; critically listen to others’ ideas; offer creative and varied alternatives to problem situations; and develop critical problem-solving characteristics of flexibility, persistence and inventiveness.

Easily coordinated with ongoing classroom instruction, the Mathematics Pentathlon Games, activities, and assessments provide an exciting format for students to explore and understand important mathematics concepts while developing deductive and inductive thought – a critical characteristic of problem solving.

Math Content & Standards Chart – Aligns games with the mathematics involved in Computational Reasoning, Logical/Scientific Reasoning, and Spatial/Geometric Reasoning.

National Standards – Grades Kindergarten – Seventh: Number Sense, Computation, Algebra and Functions, Geometry, Measurement, and Problem Solving

Gifted and Talented Correlation – This document was authored by a Gifted and Talented professional who implements the program throughout her area.