The Classroom PROFESSIONAL Package (2-3)


UP TO 24 PLAYERS – The Div II (Grades 2-3) Classroom Professional Package includes The Guide for Teaching Division II, Adventures in Problem Solving Activity Book I (providing prerequisite activities and much more), the Investigation Exercises Book I (game problem-solving scenarios and much more), and a Classroom Game Set which includes Division Game Manual, SIX (6) sets of each of the 5 games, and a game box, (a total of 30 games)


The Professional Classroom Package for 2nd and 3rd Grade is the perfect set for a classroom or club. The package includes the complete Classroom Game Set (12 – 24 students), The Guide for Teaching Division II, an Adventures In Problem Solving: Activity Book I, and the Investigation Exercises: Binder I. The Adventures Book provides prerequisite activities that build a foundation for successful game play. The activities in the book also connection the math concepts used in the games to national/state standards and classroom curriculum. The Investigation Binder includes problem-solving scenarios that develop a more analytic focus and greater insight into the multiple strategies that each game provides. A variety of individual and group activities and assessments are also included in the binder.

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