Frac Fact – Complete Game with pieces


The conceptual and strategic game of Frac Fact uses equivalence and the four basic operations with fraction strips to pictorially represent various values.


Equivalence and the four basic operations are investigated in this conceptual and strategic fraction game. A set of 64 fraction bars that pictorially represent various fraction values are used to help students connect symbolic procedures with visual models. On each turn students try to find two bars that when combined through the four basic operations equal one of the answer bars on the specially designed gameboard. Students must use strategic thinking skills when examining all possible combinations of bars and operations as well as setting up moves for future options. UNDERLYING MATHEMATICS/SCIENCE: computational reasoning involving partitioning, fraction representation, equivalence, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions, equality and inequality, probability, and estimation; logical/scientific reasoning involving observation skills, classification, hypothesizing and experimentation, deductive and inductive reasoning, and combinatorics; spatial/geometric reasoning involving structural analysis of space and area; and active problem solving.

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