Essential Letter for ALL School Contact Designees

To: School Contact Designee (Official School Contact to disseminate essential Math Pentathlon information to teachers, coaches, and parents)

From: Mary Gilfeather and Rene LeBlanc, Co-National Directors

Fall Letter

Welcome to another Mathematics Pentathlon school year! As many of you know we electronically communicate essential training and tournament information with you and your school. To help you promote the Math Pentathlon program within your community we have included important links on the School Contact Designee Fall Packet Page. On this page you will be able to easily locate and disseminate info including: 1) Fall Training opportunities; 2) aTeacher as well as a Parent Brochure that summarizes key aspects of the program; 3) Spring Tournament information; 4) sample parent letter; and 5) sample MP information for your school newsletter and more!

As always, it is important for you to complete the School Contact Designee Form which is the first item in our Fall packet. After we receive this form, you will be the primary contact for your school. So, if you have not yet completed this year’s form, PLEASE complete and send us your School Contact Designee Form that must be signed by your principal. Not doing so, jeopardizes our ability to communicate with you and in turn, you with your school.

For the upcoming Fall season, please be sure that all interested parties are aware of the evening orientation sessions for the Math Pentathlon games in your area. These sessions provide a basic introduction to the use of the games and are appropriate for teachers, administrators, and parents. For participants outside the tournament hosting school districts there is a $15 pre-registration fee and for individuals who do not pre-register there is a $20 entrance fee, on a space available basis. Also note that there are Saturday workshops in the Michigan and Texas Centers that offer more comprehensive training for coaches or other interested educators.

Parents, teachers, and coaches should plan to attend one of the evening or Saturday trainings to properly prepare for the Spring tournaments. As in the past, our office staff is always available to assist you with the development of your Math Pentathlon Program. If you have questions, please contact us at 317-356-6284.